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CIST – Italy Technology

CIST stands for Ceramic Ionic, Nano Silver, and Tourmaline.

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Why Magic Wand is Absolutely Fantastic & Worth Every Penny ?

Magic  Wand by Beauty Crown allows you to create sleek curls or straight ‘dos. Regardless you’re beating the frizz or totally banishing your ringlets, Magic Wand is an incredible tool for creating all sorts of varied looks.


  • Super-fine, precision-finished of 1” heating plate of 100% Solid Ceramic with Tourmaline and Nano Silver
  • 60-second instant heat to 150°C – 230°C.
  • Sensor Touch screen and digital LCD temperature display.
  • Automatic temperature lock for consistent heat while styling.
  • Far-infrared technology delivers consistent heat distribution, while reducing static.
  • Sleek, ergonomic, non-slip grip, designed for professional comfort and control.
  • Floating plates 20×90 mm optimize styling efficiency.
  • Professional 360° tangle-free swivel cord.
  • 220-240V, 50Hz, 45 watts
  • 1 year warranty

1. Why Magic Wand ?

Magic Wand uses the newest technology from Italy, which combines Ceramic Ionic, Nano Silver, and Tourmaline to achieve Silky, Shiny, Sleek, and Healthy Hair. Other hair straighteners only use Ceramic or Tourmaline, or Titanium, or Aluminum, or Teflon. Do not iron your gorgeous hair with cheap metals!

2. Why are other hair straighteners cheaper?

Look at the type of plates employed by the hair straightener. Cheaper models tend to use ceramic-coated plates, while more expensive units offer solid ceramic plates. Also, cheap hair straighteners often use aluminum and teflon coated plates. Uneven heating is common in these models, and burned spots on your hair can easily be the result!

3. How do I straighten hair by myself?

You just go by layers. Start at the bottom and pin the rest of it up and let it down as you get it. Grab a little clump of hair between your fingers and startup and go down your hair. It takes practice to do the back of your hair, just grab strips off the back and straighten upwards till your totally happy with it.

4. Which temperature is ideal for my hair?

Just because Magic Wand can heat up to 230°C, does not mean you should set it that high. Each individual has her or his own hair texture and thickness, meaning you need to find the right temperature for YOU. If the temperature is too high for your hair, you run the risk of damaging your hair by scalding it.




Temperature (in °C)





5.   Can I curl my hair using Magic Wand?

Yes, of course. Magic Wand has a curved housing. This will help you to create a smooth, rounded shape as your hair passes around the body of the straightener.

  • Take a small section of your hair and place Magic Wand towards the root of your hair.
  • Slowly drag the iron through your hair – similar to the way you would curl a ribbon with scissors.
  • After the iron is all the way pulled through your hair, use your fingers to twirl the hair into a curl.
  • Separate the curls with your fingers – but do NOT brush them out.

6. Any warranty?

Magic Wand comes with a 12 months warranty from the date purchased, if the straighteners become faulty within this time after normal use, please return the goods with your ordering documentation and we will arrange a repair or replacement when a repair is not possible.

Beauty Crown cannot guarantee the quality of products sold by unauthorized dealers.

  • Date of sale and seller’s stamp is required for the validity of the warranty.
  • Warranty does not apply to devices showing abuse, damage, or to our judgment is not defective.
  • Warranty is not valid if repair has been attempted by any unauthorized person.

7. How do I clean Magic Wand?

Ensure your Magic Wand is switched off and cold. Then, wipe it with a damp, clean cloth to remove any excess products.

Silky, Shiny, Sleek, and Healthy Hair?

~We make your dream comes true~